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Jaloholdings redefines Reward Programs, introducing a new method for redeeming available reward points, therefore adding value to retail businesses as well as their customers.

An epic win for the retailers

Retail businesses have a large number of unused points in their reward programs and are constantly seeking ways to encourage customers to redeem them.

Unused reward points used to unused services

  • According to recent studies, customers tend to avoid using their reward points either because the offered products and services are not attractive enough or because they believe their points hold no value.
  • In contrast, Jaloholdings adds new value to the reward points by offering consumers the opportunity to win unique rewards by redeeming their desired number of points.

Loyalty becomes truly epic!


In store transaction with tablets

Plug & Play for physical stores

We install one device next to every cashier or place them to a desired location inside the store.


Customers register with their phone number and create their profile in 5 seconds. We obtain the phone number and the GDPR consent.

Customer Recognition

Users can check-in using their phone number or with face ID and unlock their loyalty account instantly. Physical or digital cards are not recommended due to lower customer conversion.

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